Finding Investors

Very new to all this and just a quick question???

would it be advisable to post an ad via craigslist, local paper, etc. to locate investors/buyers?

thinking of possibly just saying that I am a wholsaler looking for serious investor/buyers and asking them to submit their contact info and types of properties/locations they are looking to buy.

someting to that effect but I obviously will make it sound more appealing.

any suggestions/advice would be appreciated


Craigslist is Free. That’s a great place to start although don’t be surprised when your ad is flagged and removed.

Craigslist is good for Real Estate offers ( houses, Rentals etc.).

I would suggest that you do a google search for free classified ads. These will let you post solicitations for investors in some of their categories.
There are probably dozens of them in your community and hundreds nationwide.

Good Luck


If you don’t have a house to sell, your Craigslist ad will be deleted in most areas if it’s in the real estate section. I think we recently had a discussion about the ads being flagged and removed since they were trying to only advertise for a buyer’s list.

Go to a local paper and place an ad for $35-50 that says " Handy man special. Cheap. Cash". And you will get calls. This way you can build a buyers list.

I have such ad, most of the calls I get are from people with $500 to $2000 wanting to move into a pretty house and pay $600/month mortgage payment. Then they whine and complain about 9% interest.

I am starting to hate buyers… I raised the price of my houses just to piss them off! :banghead2