Finding Investors who want to buy homes and we do the make ready & rehab

We are located in North Texas. We are trying to find investors who want to buy homes. We will fix them up for the investor so that they are in a Make Ready condition. :cool

This would be a win/win situation for all parties. Any suggestions?


Living in Texas you have challenges and although Texas is growing and a great economy you have factors working against you. Providing a wholesaling service to find and wholesale homes is always in demand for investors and investors are there who will always buy reasonable priced wholesale properties.

Investors will buy already remodeled rehab properties which fit their financial needs and provide equity buy purchasing right, cash flow and appreciation or a combination fitting their needs.

Now your best bet is to market and advertise your wholesaling service and then offer to provide construction services at a hard bid basis. Although most investors will want to get 3 minimum bids the fact you sold them the property may provide enough motivation to come back to you regardless of price and negotiate a hard contract based on all three bids.

The main thing running against every contractor in Texas is the fact Texas does not have a contractors license law and therefore allows even the investors to directly subcontract their project bypassing the general contractor. So providing turn key finished properties an investor can buy below retail value which will cash flow and appreciate is a good opportunity.


A very good suggestion, i think it will be helpful for you