Finding Investors/Buyers

Have you tried calling the “I buy houses” ads in your local paper?

I find most of them through my local REIA. You could also try search the land tax records for names on multiple properties. It’s really fun when those sam names are delinquent.

what part of country are you in?

Call some of the realtor in your area who seem to sell quite a bit, ask them if they have any buyers for investment properties, and offer to pay them a referral fee for any buyers that they refer over to you. Be sure to let them know that you will pay them a referal fee each time that buyer takes one of your properties, because as an agent myself, my worst fear would be to have a wholesale guy sell my key clients so much that they dont buy from me anymore.

Eric Medemar

swirl check out

keep in touch. i’ve been considering going to a meeting or two. private message me. i’m out on the island. have not invested locally yet - this market is nuts.