Finding info is driving me nuts!

hello everyone.

Been reading your board a couple of days now.

Would like some advice on finding title info at a fair price over the net.

I don’t have time to go to the courthouse and look up info.

I’ve tried USsearch, realtytrac all the big ones. I have a ton of properties I need info on so I can contact the owners. Driving me nuts.

Any advice would be greatly appericated

It depends on the county that your in because some will not post this type of information on their website - so basically your out of luck. You would have to go to the recorder’s office and search this info. If you have many leads why not take a day and check up on them all.

Where I live they have the records on the web (county assessors property database). I also saw another post from another site. but when I looked it up to see if I might get more info there was a charge and I wasn’t interested in that.