Finding Hard Money

Does anyone know where I can find hard money for a $3.3million project? I have until Tues. 1/10.

Thanks for any help.

Have you tried this link?

Why so short on time?

No extensions possible?

The developer/seller had a buyer set, but that fell through…So they have given me and my group only a few days. Ialso need a credit partner.

What exactly is the role of a credit partner?

Jcbright… what state are you in? I know an abundance of hard money lenders doing bigtime construction/resort projects.

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hello, give me you contact numbers I will get back to you with HML lender information.


Hey, if any of you have more hard money available, I need some. I have 50 acres of prime residential property that I can get for $30k and acre, it is valued at over $50k per acre. It is in Utah. I need to move fast.

We want to borrow $1 million to buy and rehab a 26000 sf historical building in downtown Reading as our second Honeymoon Hotel (see, an upscale boutique hotel and period wedding facility.

You can check out the property on It’s the old Elks Club at 5th and Franklin and they’re asking $495,000 for it. We want to offer
$400,000. The city will give a $250,000 second. We need $600,000 to renovate and equip it as a 35 room hotel.

Mark Draper, Ph.D.

Nice looking place, and not too far from Branson.

What kind of value when all finished?

Are you down in the Ozarks?