Finding good listings

Hey guys, its me once again. Startin to think im makin a bad name for myself on the boards, but I’ll post anyways.

So as I said in my other post I am starting today to do my dials, so I got a copy of the Friday newsday and am going through the real estate section highlighting people taht I will call to find out if they are motivated or not. My question to all of you is, what is good copy for an ad. In other words, are there any tells in their clipping that I should look for when weeding through the homes for sale?

Any help once again would help me save time which is money :wink:


I don’t think you’re necessarily making a “bad name” for yourself but I think that there’s a certain frustration level with some of the more seasoned folks that have provided you solid, time-tested guidance which (it seems anyway) you are ignoring…

By the way, what do you mean when you say “I am starting today to do my dials”? What is a “dial”?


I apologize for sayin it, but how do I ignore what you guys say? You say go out an do it! thats not real specific time tested guidance.

A Dial is calling a specific listing to see if they are motivated or not…i’m sorry is there a better name I should call it?

I’m doin all I can to get this goin, everyones got a different approach. Just don’t think I am ignoring the guidance of others cause I wouldnt eb this far along if I did. That just sounds ignorant when peopel say that, its the complete opposite actually.

jpstephens, when we say go out there and do it, that is time tested advise. Do me a favor and post back and tell us what you think we are asking you to do when we say go and do it.

I think your asking me to stop asking questions and learn from my mistakes…Pick up the phone call places, and develop my own strategy.

just my 2 cents but If you think that people on this forum want you to start making mistakes so you can learn the hard way, you are certainly mistaken for the great people wouldn’t be giving people like you and me advice or answering our sometimes ridiculous questions for FREE. They are here to help and dont charge us a dime all we have to do is read and read and read and if we have a question ask someone but all the reading and asking questions won’t get you anywhere unless you go out and start making calls or get a realtor involved to find the deals for you just let them know what you are looking for and if your not sure then they can’t help you…As for the part where you asked how to tell if a seller is motivated they will probably use the words MOTIVATED SELLER in their ad or they might say BRING ALL OFFERS remember that if you don’t make an offer you won’t make any deals happen therefore, NO MONEY.

I started by reading the Carelton Sheets Course who turns out to be just a good salesman. he had a lot of information but more so was left out… I found this site somehow and I’ve learned a lot and I’m still learning…But best of all my aget is putting a list together for me to pin through and hes going to walk me through the whole process if i keep and rent or if I flip… I promised him that if he help me I would not use any other person to help me find deals also I will let him list the homes I deside to sell maxing his potitial income… well thats enough blabber from me have a great day

I’am a newbie as well but here’s my .02.

JP, the people that have been telling us to get out there and look at houses are right.
I’ve only been looking for 6 days now and I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen houses 2 streets from each other, one $20,000.00 more them the other. The most expensive one needs about 25,000.00 in updates. I’ve seen 3 on one street. All different prices but only within 10,000.00 of each other. Only one has been updated. I’ve seen one house 3 blocks from the 3 on the same street for 15,000.00 more. That one is next to the train tracks and has been on the market since January. I saw a 3 family house listed as 2 beds on 1st and 2nd. This house should be listed as 1bed and a closet on the 1st and 2nd. LOL, my realtor said I haven’t seen anything yet.

I my 1st 6 days out I’ve met two more realtor’s that work with investors one in a city that my realtor won’t work in. One more morgtage guy. A realtor I will never use and some nice and not so nice tenants.

I quess what I’am trying to say is that, there’s so much out there and what people say and what really is are two different thinks. I believe everyone thinks there house is the best one and should be sold for more.

again my 2


augglo and islander are right. What we are asking you to do is start looking for deals. If you find one, ask for the things that will make the deal work. If they say no, you are glad because to go higher would not make you the money you want. If they say yes, then go ahead with whatever strategy you have in mind…bird dog it, buy it and fix it up and sell it or rent it out. We can’t find the houses for you, and after you find them you can always do trial runs. Find property that fits your criteria just to see how many are out there and how difficult they are to find. If you find one, let us know, there will be no shortage of people telling you what your next step should be.