Finding FSBO's

What are the most effective methods of finding FSBO’s to wholesale?


Let me clue you in, every property for sale in the US is by owner! 

A listed property owner pays all real estate listing and buyers agency fees!

It costs exactly the same closing costs to buy any property unless specifically marketed as buyer pays all closing costs!

Even most people who do not necessarily want to pay a listing agency fee will pay for a flat fee listing to get there property on the MLS!

Don’t worry about how the property is marketed, worry about buying correctly and properly assessing the numbers!


I noticed that you wholesaled properties from across the country.

Is this something that I will be able to do? I’m trying to prepare for the future when I am receiving too many calls that it would be impossible for me to physically inspect them all.


You’re doing it again. Get the phone ringing, do deals in your local market. Then, when you’ve found all the deals in your market, you can worry about expanding.

Until you’ve done a single deal locally all the rest is nonsense…

Okay but once I send out letters in my local market, I was told to send the same letters to the same addresses again.

I don’t think that the nature of wholesaling is that the deals will “run out,” otherwise, with all the people doing this, there would be no deals now.

Redstar have you seen the link in javipa’s signature at the end of his replies? It contains a list of 149 ways to find distressed sellers and houses. I printed it out. I have already tried some of the techniques and continue adding more for experience points. Ultimately it looks like javipa is fluent using all 149 techniques and more, and I think that is what its going to take. Its like he is fishing but he has multiple fishing rods set up, plus he has crab cages set out, and he is casting nets, he is doing it all at once in concert.