Finding frustrated landloards????

I heard several Wholesalers talking about mailing to this group. How do you get names and addresses of them?

Your county should have an office that lists filings for evictions. You should at the very least be able to get the landlord’s name. It might be harder to find usable addresses, but if you have the name, you can usually get a good address.

You may also wish to target out of state landlords/owners as well. I own rentals in another state and get letters every week from “real estate investors” looking to alleviate me of my troubles. Just search your county’s property tax roles for out of state owners.

I went to the court house…No luck… Any ideas how to get the eviction lists?

Yeah, it can be a little weird. In my county, it’s in the county clerk’s office, which isn’t in the Courthouse, its in the Justice Building. There is a small claims fee book in which all small claims filings are logged. An eviction is small claims in my county and is noted in the fee book. Viola!

Each county is probably a little different. My experience is that if you ask 5 county workers a question maybe 2 or 3 will direct you to the right place. It took me two tries to get the best answer. But I can almost guarantee that they do, in fact exist in your county. You gotta be a little persistent.

So do you ask them to look threw that book?


Please don’t forget that all courthouse records are PUBLIC RECORDS (unless they’ve been ‘sealed’ by a judge)…all real estate transactions listed in the courthouse records are a matter of public record and you can look at them. Additionally, don’t forget that the courthouse staffers are paid by tax dollars and work for us (but they’re not our slaves!)…for most things, just ask. If you don’t undersatand, ask another question. The staff is there to assist.


The ez way to locate frustrated landlords? Go to the courthouse to the eviction court proceedings and hand your business card to a fed-up ticked off landlord whose at the end of his rope dealing with deadbeat tenants and renters. Tell him you’re interested in taking that albatross of his hands for him.
On any given day of the week there are angry landlords at the courthouse looking to evict another deadbeat tenant. Introduce yourself and eventually you’ll meet a landlord who’ll about give you the keys to take the stress of dealing with loser tenants off his hands.

Don’t forget to hand that biz card to the attorney that is representing the landlord. Typically they have more than just 1 client.

What state are you in?
I wonder why you’re having difficluties accessing the PUBLIC information…

PA. I just can’t find the records of the filings. Courthouse did not seem to have them

they DO have them
You just need to find a person who can show you HOW to access this info.
Many times people say that they don’t do or have it, instead of making a phone call to find out.

What department would they be in?

Another great spot to look is in the real estate for rent section. Most of the landlords who have something for rent, typically have evicted a tenant or at least need one. They give you their phone number, so it is pretty easy to call them.

If you want to mail them something run a reverse phonebook search on the phone number, that will give you a name and address. This technique works better for the small mom and pop landlords, but they are the ones who are often the most frustrated.

I hope this helps,
Eric Medemar

I might be able to help you think outside of the box on where to find some landlords.

If you can build relationships with title companies and property management companies you will have acess to loads and loads of landlords / investors.

These companies work with investors all day long. What are the chances that they know a few landlords that are looking to sell properties? Your chances are probably pretty darn good.

As with any business it is about building the relationships and it comes down to who you know. Once you can build a good relationship with some people who work at these type of companies your good to go.

You can find these type of people are your local REIA for starters.

I hope this can give you another way to find frustrated landlords.