finding foreclosures??

Hi everyone-
Where can a person find out about foreclosures before they’re actually
foreclosed? The stuff on the internet is usally, from what I’ve seen, in the
hands of a realtor already. Where do they post notices of foreclosure.
As you can tell, I’m new to this.
Trying to get started in Minnesota… ???

Hi Debj,
You’re right that most of the foreclosures listing on the net are pretty outdated but there are some sites that pretty up-to-date. And I have used this site a lot and they would have their listing ahead with MLS. You’re right the properties listed are all foreclosed. The way to deal with these foreclosed homes is by going to a realtor who’s experienced in foreclosures.

Now if you’re particularly interested for properties before they go in foreclosures, you could either find them in your local newspaper or county courthouse.

You will find homes in preforeclosure stage where the homeowner goes in default. The listing of these properties only maybe once a week or sometime twice. They normally call it “Trustee’s Sale”. It will indicate there who’s in default, the foreclosing body, the parcel number, sometimes the total money owed. A word of caution - You got to have cash if you want to bid in this auction. I highly suggest that you educate yourself deeply with the ins and outs foreclosures before you take the plunged in this action.

My overall recommendation is borrowed some books from the library about home foreclosures and it will answer a lot of your questions there…Goodluck!