Finding foreclosures in TX

I’m new to all of this. Have been reading for about a year now and am itching to actually do something. Foreclosures seem a good route but am I correct in asserting that the local papers (DFW) do not publish these in the Legal Notices section of the classifieds? Must I go to the couthouse to actually find these? Preforeclosures seem to be a good way to go but I am not sure exactly where to go to find out about them.

I appreciate any advice anyone could provide. I would also be interested in talking to people working in this area to perhaps pick their brains and get a feel for the market in this area.

Thanks all.



You don’t have to go to the courthouse and pull the list. There are companies that will do that for you and will send you the list for a montly fee. I don’t know who does it in DFW, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find out. If nothing else, they will be at the foreclosure sale and you can talk to them there.

After you get their list of foreclosures for that particular month you can send everyone on the list a letter or post card. However, be aware that you won’t get the list until a couple of days AFTER it has been published at the courthouse. So the investors that actually go to the courthouse to get the list will have a head start on you.

In case you haven’t already found it, you could try this link… :dance

hope it helps…

Hey Guys, I know there are companies that produce the foreclosure reports monthly but my REAL question is: Can I get this info from the courthouse early and not have to wait until the reports come out? It seems like foreclosure info would be available as the NOD occurs (daily, weekly, etc) rather than having to wait to so close to the sale date. Am I way off base here?

I mean, the guys doing the reports get the data somewhere, right? Are they having to compile the report all at one time or are they putting it together as the NOD occurs during the month?

I’d sure like to hear from anyone who has the facts on this. If there is a place to get the info as it occurs (vs waiting until the last minute), I’d like to know where to go to get this info.



Foreclosure is too quick…

It’s 21 days in Texas from filing it at the courthouse to sell…

Now in some cases it’s longer…

But, as long as it’s filed at least 21 days in advance… before the 1st Tuesday… then it happens quick…

No filing of any other notices…

The only other notice that is given… is a 20 day demand… but, it isnt filed…

In my opinion… the foreclosure list is the wrong place to start… Everyone starts there… in the beginning… Unless you can create an alternate plan to do the opposite of the masses… But, these folks are seeing 10 -15 flyers each… 4 or 5 folks knocking on there door… etc…

You should find the deals long before thdey are posted…

David Alexander

Hey David, Thanks for responding. I couldn’t agree with you more on everything you said. That’s why I was looking for an alternative.

I spoke with a girl in Austin last week who is doing lots of preforclosures and she swears the info is at the courthouse and that’s where she gets her leads. Guess I’ll have to go down to Austin and see exactly what’s she’s doing to get a jump on everyone.


I’ve actually foreclosed on a property before without an attorney…

Meaning… doing the paperwork ourselves to learn what’s involved…

If there is something she knows… I’d love to hear it also…

Marketing… ou can’t beat it… I get the houses before they start thinking about foreclosure… nothing like walking into a proeprty with no back payments owed.

David Alexander

What’s her name, maybe I know who she is.

I agree with David. There’s nothing at the courthouse that’s putting her ahead of everyone else because nothing is filed until 21 day’s before the sale.

Some trustee’s will file a few days early, but that’s about as good as you’re gonna get.

Also remember one persons deal is another persons garbage. You can buy a ton of houses in Austin for 90 cents on the dollar…that isn’t a deal by my definition.

Happy Investing,


Yea im kinda confused here. Keep talking about court house sales linked directly with forclosures? :hammer I know there sales at the court house (forclosure sales, tax deliquent sales) and such but if there is a list for you to bid on the propertys why is there an auction? I mean Is there an auction for the propertys that arnt sold before hand? or is the list for the propertys that havnt sold at the auction or are bought back by the bank or lender? What I mean by list are the forclosure list offered on ebay and stuff. is it that these list are list that come out after the auction? :eyes

You guys are really confusing sometimes. There is two different list. In texas is normally a non-judicial foreclsure. That means the attorney files a notice of sale with the court clerk, which we all know…lol…but there is also a notice of default list as well. There is way less information about the property so beware it’s a little more work. You can actually get the list up to 60 days or so before the notice of sale list. Concluding 90 days or so total. Follow me…to obtain this list, keep in mind this is with judicail, that’s what i’m doing right now, I go to the district court clerk, or online, search the court dockets, search the county, and the cj cases over 10,000. This is the notice of default list. Find the andrew vs. wells fargo people. Sometimes if they have been served you can find out the address, usually wrong, but get the name and bank, use the county assessor to locate the property address, and you soon with a little more work and less info, have a list of leads. This is how I have to do it with judicial foreclosure, there is no attorney posting like DFW, the notice of sale is a court date with the attorney, homeowner, mortgage company,etc and they approve the auction date. In texas the attorney post the notice of sale.

Does this make sense? I hope it helps.

I’ve tried titlte companies,escrow companies, and lenders in new orleans to get information on how to get lists on preforclosures in the area and they all swear that they don’t know what a notice of default is or that the preforclosure stage is not public information. Will someone please let me know the exact place I need to look for these lists of defaults. ???

The courthouse…the NOD is a legal action…

Notice of Default - A lender’s initial action when a mortgage payment is late and attempts to reconcile the issue out of court have failed.”


The foreclosure list is made public in Texas and must be published in a newspaper. The newspaper however, does not have to be the daily paper. Most cities have their own legal paper that the information is available in it.

In San Antonio it costs $150/year. I don’t subscribe to it because the foreclosure service we have makes the list available right away plus they include much more helpful information such as the tax assessed value, rooms, and include the tax mailing address for the properties.