Finding Financing for $8.5 Million Deal

Pardon me if this is the wrong section to post this. An investment group had approached me with a Pro Forma to construct/redevelop an 8.5 acre parcel into an upscale plaza. This land is currently the only redeveloped parcel that the city will allow. I’m in southern California, by the way.

This group is seeking $8,500,000 to develop office and mixed retail in the amount of 210,000-216,000 sq. ft.

The person who is the source of funding will get a return that is negotiable – equity share is a strong possibility.

Since this is my first commercial deal of this magnitude. What do I need to know? Who can I turn to for help with financing? Where can I find capitalists or investors that are willing to take up this opportunity? Any help or information that you feel is pertinent to the livelihood of this deal would be appreciated.

P.S. Please email me if you request privacy.



You may try to find lenders to handle part of it in debt financing (construction to perm). If the group can bring in the rest in their own funds, you may have a deal. If they HAVE to have private money, then you may want to try other local investment groups. Talk to RE agents that sell to big investors.