Finding Deals to Wholesale


I would like to know can you wholesale any deal? For instance I see deals on forums and peoples sites but can they be wholesaled? How do you know if they’re wholesaleable? I know some ways to finding deals are doing drive bys. Can some more effective tips. I would really to complete my first deal by the end of this month. Also how about wholesaling properties out of state (ex. PA, VA, NY, DE, etc) How would that go?

Thanks I really appreciate your feedback. ???

I’m not sure I undestand your question, but basically yes you can wholesale any deal. It’s all about the numbers and if you can find a buyer. It’s not even unusual for a property to be wholesaled to some who wholesales it to someone else before it closes, but the numbers have to be right for the person buying it.

It takes work and effort to find deals, there isn’t a magic answer on how to find them. It’s a combination of doing lots of different things. Driving around neighborhoods, advertising, direct mail, talking to people, door knocking, etc.

Thank you for such a quick response. Yes you answered my question, I was asking can you only wholesale properties from owners or can you wholesale properties from other wholesalers.
When wholesaing properties from other wholesalers do you use the same process as you would if I was the original wholesaler?(dumb question I know) :smiley:

Thank you that information helped me out a lot because I was a little confused.

Yes, same process. You have a contract where you are the buyer and then you have a contract where you are the seller. The other option is to just assign your contract to the new buyer and get paid a fee for doing so.

Ok thanks, I really appreciate the info. ;D