Finding deals is the most challanging right?

How do you guys find these kinds of deals? Is sending mails out to propective sellers and the court house the secret? I just can’t seem to find people who would be willing to sell their houses at 60% of FMV(for wholesaling). I think I just still have a lot more to learn right/missing something? Appreciate everyones advice.

IMHO, finding serious buyers was the hardest thing. I don’t have issues with finding deals.

Other people have advised me to find the investers(buyers) first before the deals. Can you share on how you find your deals? Thanks.


I think the biggest thing is telling people what you do. That has helped me get a lot of calls for houses I never would have gotten otherwise.

Thanks again. I appreciate it.

I just feel that to make the most of your business, you should look as many places as you can for properties. But without buyers, you have no one to sell them to. I have one company that buys the majority of my properties and that gives me the best security because they have the means to buy a lot. I make it my business to give them as much as they can take.

Sounds like you’re on the roll! :beer Thanks for being helpful.

Hi… looks like you’ve already gotten some good input here, but I just wanted to include a few thoughts, too.

I tried looking for the magic bullet, too, when I first started. Then I came to the realization that every long time investor comes to: Oh, it’s going to take some hard work.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t get easier – like MoonstruckPrincessa said, “finding serious buyers WAS the hardest thing…”

For what it’s worth, here’s my advice:

  1. Market your services like crazy (consistently across at least 5 channels of advertising)
  2. Maximize your marketing efforts by continuing to find either problem properties (vacants) or problem homeowners (foreclosures, divorce, probate, etc)

The more you think about marketing to solve people’s problems, the clearer your direction will become.

Hope that helps! Good luck!