Finding Commercial Buyers

Does anyone have any good advice on finding qualified commercial and mised use buyers? I currently am finding a lot of good commercial and mixed use properties that I am I not able to move on because I don’t have a buyers list that covers this area. Any help is appreciated.


What area are you in and what type of properties are you looking to move?

I am in the St. Louis, Missouri area, but I get deals nationwide.


I’m from the St. Louis area as well!

Do you have direct contact with the principals? If you do, you could list the properties on loopnet. There are also other sites that you can look for commercial buyers.

I work with several investors that are actively buying commercial properties, so I may be interested. Just send me an email. But be forewarned they don’t pay retail for anything and they do thorough due diligence. Actually, I screen the projects pretty good before I even pass it on to them.

Patti Porter

sooperspeed, are you a broker? I am looking to buy commercial properties that are already under contract. Do you wholesale commercial deals? Thanks, Mike

I do all of the above. I will shoot you an email to discuss more.

Anyone in Florida Orlando ???
Looking for buyers, partners and sellers??

Sure, looking for sellers and partners. Who do you have?

I have plenty of sellers. I am working on the pkg’s right now… ;D

Well I am just starting on my RE carrier and wamt multi and comercial RE.
For now I am looking to 3 good properties anyone looking for a deal in Tampa, Miami or Cace Coral?