Finding buyes for commerical properties

I’m familiar with all the standard ways of finding cash buyers for residential properties, ie/ CL ads, cash sales in the past 6 months, REIA’s, direct mail etc.)

I’d like to know if there’s any methods for finding cash buyers of commercial properties that might be different from that of residential properties.



 There are lot's of potential buyers for commercial property from corporate to syndications to REITS to financial institutions and of course private individuals and investor groups. The problem with commercial property as apposed to residential is that commercial property is priced and sold based on income / expense and cap rate while residential property is based and sold on comps.

There are ways to get commercial property offers for sale to large groups but you will have to find and nurture those groups and potential buyers interested in your area. Obviously some investors are only interested in class A while others are looking for class C, some investors only buy apartments while others only buy office space.

There is only 4 types of residential property but there are 55 types of commercial property in 4 classes and everyone has something that they have become experts in and typically buy only those property types.


thanks GR. i have noticed that there are buyers for these types of properties (mostly from agents) and they all have said the same thing “we have buyers but no inventory”