Finding buyers

Who has the best advise on finding buyers? I would think the best approach would be to find them before you actually have the property?

What’s your technique–shout it out if you have a suggestion

Thats basically what this whole marketing forum is about. There is no one way of doing it, you have to do different things and each time one of them may work and bring in a deal.

And what are you doing? Wholesaling? L/O? Rehab?

What I do is keep an investor database. I’ll call up the “we buy houses” ads and network with investors. Find out what type of property or area they prefer to invest in. I always update my database whenever there’s a new ad. I haven’t done any deals yet but, as soon as I do I’ll send email blasts to everyone in my list.

I haven’t tried this yet but, you could also place dummy ads (fake FSBOs or For Rents) in the paper and gather info from buyers. Let them know that the subject property has just sold but, you frequently come across similar ones. Ask them if they’d like to be the first to know if you get another one.

There’s other ways to create motivated buyers. Can anyone add to this?

I do this all the time but with signs not ads. I find that the sign is less likely to get taken down if it says “3 Bed 2 Bath For Sale”,or Rent to Own or whatever, than if its just a generic sign. Works like a charm.

If you are looking for lease option buyers you can post ads to classified websites. You would be amazed at the response you can get. I do this to collect motivated sellers and rent to own buyer. You can increase your buyers list by 3-5 people in a day, and these are people that can put down 10-15k.

word of mouth, internet, open houses

Go to the foreclosure auctions in your area and network there since there will be serious buyers there with cash. Especially seek out the ones with checks in their hands and the winning bidders. Be sure to take a lot of business cards to these auctions.

Also, network at your local REIA.

Here is a post about finding buyers that a few people have found helpful,22874.0.html

Check this out!!!

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Without a doubt - the internet is the best way to find buyers.

Get a website and start working on having it optimized. I get about 15 buyer leads a day through my website. Out of those about three are rent-to-own leads.

Also, for cheap advertising buy up about 100 signs for 2 bucks a piece and put out ten new signs a day. This is a really cheap way of advertising and each sign if placed in the right location should bring in about two calls a day before they get removed. Make sure you use a call capture system so you know why they were calling and have a record of the phone numbers to call back on.

Call people posting ads online for rental properties - many will be interested in a lease option scenario but just aren’t aware of the programs or think they are some kind of scam.


I think that you should read the Forum rules before posting solicitations.

Any suggestions on finding buyers for large commercial properties?

I spent hundreds on bandit signs to sell a house on lease option and got plenty of calls from people who couldn’t afford the monthly payment or those with no money for the option fee. Ended up selling it by putting a free ad on Craigslist.

Moral of the story: there’s no surefire way that works every time. Whether you’re selling a wholesale junker or a retail property, just do everything you can to make sure as many people as possible know you have a house for sale. If the house is sellable and your price is right you’ll get it sold.

One of the most effective ways to find buyers is to have them find you. My business model in Commercial Investment sales is to represent Sellers, moreover, buyers find me. :bobble