Finding buyers

Going to a REI meeting tomorrow. I do not have business cards yet. I was thinking of handing out flyers. Does anyone have an example of a flyer, or at least some verbiage.


Do you have a website that is easy to remember? One of the best marketers that I ever worked for rarely if ever gave out business cards, just told people his web address. He said that if people were really going to get in touch with him, they’d remember that, and that if people take your card they lose it anyway. Just something to think about if you can’t get the cards before tomorrow anyway - it worked REALLY well for him…he always had more deals than he knew what to do with :wink:

I made a flyer on my computer that said something like “Want to Make My List?”

Then said I was building a buyer’s list for properties …blah, blah, blah…

and ended with “Let’s make some money!”

Maybe that will help a little.

There are a ton of flyer templates on Go to their MS Office section and there is a link called Templates.