Finding Buyers

[i][/i]Does anyone have any suggestions on finding or creating a buyers list for a new wholesaler or bird dogger?
I’m in New York.

where in ny r u

I’m in NYC but I have a car so I wanted to look at properties around NYC and in NJ. Especially in Trenton.

If you already have the properties in contract and just need the buyers / investors, an ad in the local papers will work great or you can even work with local realtors that may have a list of investor’s. Sometimes investors also put up signs stating that they are looking for property.

One of the best ways to build a list is through classified ads. A generic ad doesn’t draw as many calls as an ad that advertises a specific property in a good area, but you may have to start out with a generic ad until you have actual properties to advertise.

Do I ever, my buyers list was 160 at one time…what I did was save almost one years worth of sunday classiefied ads, while I was reading arcitlces on real estate and, reading a wholesaling book ect ect, then called each investor in the we buy house section of the news papers over a period of about 3 days, interviewed them.

eventually I narrowed the list down to about 5 real players whom I have strong realtionships with. That is critical, for me anyway to make realtionships with other investors, they help me I help them.

have fun.