Finding Buyers Tactic

I’m a newbie in investing but im really starting to turn the investing engine… One effective way i’ve found in collecting buyers is going to your local renting section(or Farm Area) in the paper or website and call those for rent ads and ask them are they interested in buying any discounted properties for decent cashflow or to there liking. because your a investor in the area and you happen to stumble across there ad. and etc you get the point…its a little time comsuming but hey your not doing anything…lol(joking) i chatted with 2 today one wants to go to lunch… :anon i just dont have any lunch money…lol

craigslist is a bad mofo if you use it right

A tip is to look in MLS for people who bought houses cash… they are often investors who are active buyers.

oh yeah thats a great one…

Calling Title companies and ask for list of properties that have been brought all cash around the property you have under contract

Option 2

  1. Go to the HUD website for you state.
  2. Go to the Bid Statics page and write down the addresses every week of homes that have sold to investors. They will be the Non-owner occupied homes.
  3. After a few weeks these deals will all be closing.
  4. Go to your tax records and find out who bought them.
  5. Contact those people.

This method cut’s through the B.S because you will be tracking Non-Owner Occ sales. Which are investors, which will make you lots of money.

Best of all once you start tracking you will have a fresh updated list of the newest buyers every single week.

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Calling for rent signs in your farming area’s. These are investors/landlords and they could be looking for more properties to buy. Going to your local REIA group to see who is buying. Use craigslist. Use flyers at convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, hardware stores, etc.


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For Rent ads are also a great way to find SELLERS too…

Depending on what you have to sell determines where you would go to find your buyers… Lately I have found that the guys and gals who dont look it have the most available cash…

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Here is the ultra basic tactic that works over and over and over and over again. Are you all ready?

  1. Buy a copy of your local sunday paper
  2. Turn to the Real Estate section
  3. look for the properties for rent section
  4. Start calling the ads and ask if the person who is on the phone is the owner of the property
  5. If he or she is, simply tell them that you are an investor that is coming into some good deal, can you contact them if you come across a good deal.

Keep it simple :beer

Can anyone please tell me how to do the Reverse MLS lookup method? I have access to the MLS. I have IMRMLS and live in SoCal…Please do help.


Do they use rapatoni?