Finding Buyers for Florida Multi-Family Vacant Land

Hello- Does anyone know a good way to find buyers for vacant land? We’ve contacted some builders for a 3 acre parcel in Brevard County, FL but no buyers yet. The land is zoned for 15 units per acre, Mercedes Homes did an assessment and said they could fit 25 units on the property, but are looking for larger projects than that. I’m imagining it would be a good project for a private investor wanting townhome/apartment complex income as the rental occupancy rate is at 97% plus in this county. Its MLS listed @ 199K, and advertised in papers- any other ideas on how to reach buyers would be greatly appreciated. At this point, contracts expirations drawing near, we would take less for a quick close, maybe re-contacting everyone with a lower price? Advice from vacant land sellers very appreciated.

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