Finding buyers and good bird dogs

Hello all, long time no chat. I am reaching out for suggestions on how to develope a list of investor/buyers and how to locate a good bird dog. I recently obtained my real estate license and would like to develope this niche market in my area. I am located in Delaware and have a lead on at least one investor through family and friends, but one is not enough. I checked the web and there is not a real strong rei club in my area, Delaware. Any and all suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Craiglist brought me 15 by placing an ad for a phantom property, then when they email I say “sorry the contract is bought, yadda yadda”

I placed another ad recently that is straight up "looking for investors and rehabbers who want wholesale deals. Nothing yet but its mothers day weekend.

This should give me enough to get started. If the deal is truly good you dont need a buyers list, just place an ad in the paper for it, but I think it gives you strength psychologically to have a buyers list to back you up.

Hey Enjoidc how did you go about placing ad’s on craigslist without getting flagged? I have tried, but I have gotten flagged. Where in craigslist were you posting?

I palced the phantom propery in real estate for sale. You shouldn’t have much trouble keeping it up there.

As for the other I put it in real estate for sale too. Hasnt been flagged. I also always put my we buy houses generic ad in there too. I dunno.

Try it in real estate wanted or in real estate services if you have trouble keeping it up.

How often is it getting flagged?

At least you value honesty…

I have only placed ad’s on there once and got flagged. Would you mind sending me an example of your ad when you place it on craigslist? When you are trying to get investor buyers to contact you.

Well it was that or never get buyers from craigslist.

Everyone was cool with it. They either said ok heres my info, or if they asked for more info I said it was fake to get it from being flagged down. No one cared. Ive actually developed two friendships that go beyond a buyers list name from that ad.

Well then try one more time…

I thought maybe you were consistently getting flagged. Dont let your one and only get you down. Just keep upping it.

Well DEEinAustin,

 I see you are and experienced realtor and you are online.  Have any suggestions for a new realtor onhow to build a pipeline of buyers and birddogs?  As you can see I am about 1700 miles awat from you so I wouldn't be any competition. :biggrin

Hey Enjoidc can you show me an example of one of your ad’s on craigslist? It would really be helpful.


I’d say to network, get a real deal or just be honest and say you’re building your network. I disagree with investors lying in ads and saying they have a deal when they don’t. Anyone who lies to me up front is cut off.

Trust me, once you get a good deal, the buyers will come and you’ll be advertising the truth.


  Thanks for the advice.


Even if they tell you its to get around Craigslist vermin flagging down everything that competes with them? Everyone who mentioned it was impressed that I had the capacity to think up such a thing to get around those people.

Quote me on this, “Lying is not genius, even if liars tell you it is.”

Hey Enjodic,

Have you gotten any good ones from this?