Finding bird dogs nationwide?

Without advertising in each city newspaper (expensive), and craigslist only lets you post once or twice (not in every city listing simultaneously) :help - how would you suggest that someone finds bird dogs throughout the country where criteria is more important than location?

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First question to you is why would you want birddogs nationwide? Are you capable of buying nationwide? Do you have the funds/credit needed to purchase/hold multiple properties at once? You need to because having 50 birddogs (one is state) will generate a ton of good leads. Are you prepared to close on them all?

Point is this: Many, many companies promote themselves looking for birddogs nationwide AND they get hundreds of birddogs. Problem with that is the birddogs generally get NOTHING for it. If the person/company that you’re working for (as a birddog) is not within your area, then it’s much easier for that company to “forget” where they got that lead. Even if the company actually does pay for the lead, the birddog will rarely be paid anything because even multi-million dollar companies can only buy so much and with the amount of birddogs available, any one will rarely be picked. Finally, in most cases, the main purpose of birddogging is to actually learn how to do REI from a more experienced investor. Hard to do with someone from out of state.

So, chances are that while you’re get many people may be interested in birddogging for you nationwide, few will stay focused after offering you one or two deals that you don’t close.


Well said Raj…sounds like a rip to me…

Does bird dogging actually work if you’re in the same area as the investor? I’m afraid of spending the time and money driving around putting packages together and getting forgotten when it’s important.

I’m assuming there’s always the potential of getting taken but most investors are ethical?

Raj, thanks for the comments. My partner (a doctor) and I (business owner) have 10 million for investments (although some of it is only lines of credit, not actual cash). We are not limited by our banker to just the area where we live (which is in a small community) but rather would like to do bigger deals in larger cities. I do not have the time to fly and go to each city myself, etc., hence that is the reason for asking about how to find bird dogs in different cities. Your comments are well thought out and much appreciated and I will take them into consideration. Thanks for the reply.

:cool it would seam that this person and partner are looking to invest any where a good deal can be found ?? AS well they are seeking help in doing so and some would look as to say they are a scam !!! WHO are we to tell some one when and where they can invest and have help them ???

My experiance with working with bird dogs nationwide is that the vast majority of them do not really understand the differance between a good deal and a bad one. Which is understandable, thats why they are most likely bird dogging to begin with. If you are going to actively seek out bird dogs nationwide, make sure you tell them that no matter what they bring you you will insist on an appraisal. Many times they flat out tell me to just forget it after I say that.

Always use a 3rd party to verify numbers and you should be ok.

My experiance with working with bird dogs nationwide is that the vast majority of them do not really understand the differance between a good deal and a bad one

Besides the fact that most birddogs are just starting (as you stated), the other point here is that they do not know what a good, or bad, deal is for you. The further away the investor is from their own area, the less they expect/plan to train their birddog. Less training equals less results, period. Also, a birddog’s job is to find a “potential” deal for the investor to follow up. It’s not up to the birddog to make the deal.


First, even smaller communities have many, many deals in them. You can also branch out from your city, county, etc. into other, closer areas. Even if you want to invest in the larger cities (why?), I’m sure that you again have some closer to you than nationwide. Unless you are already a VERY experienced investor, you need to stay as close to youself as possible or be prepared to lose alot of your operating capital.

As to finding birddogs in other areas, my suggestion would be to forget about it. It would be better to find experienced investors that would be willing to birddog deals for you that they don’t want, can’t do at the time. Or possibly even becoming cash partners with local investors that know the area. It would even be better for you to find RE agents with at least some experience dealing in the type of investments that you’re looking for to help you find deals in other areas. All are better options that relying on a novice to find potential deals.


:cool it seams a simple question asked by this person has turned into telling them how to run there investting >>> they did not ask for advice on how and where to do there investting >>> it would seam they had this part down all ready and was or has been working ???

What is interesting is that I have been looking for investors for the deals that I cannot personally do. My primary business is to sell real estate to investors or end users. I constantly come across relative deals - at what I mean by realtive deals is that most deals are community specific; where the potential purchase price is far below market value as well as appraised value. But you would have to look at your investment goals - what may seem like a good deal to one may not fit anothers business model.

I think everyone here made some good points regarding validating the actual value before leaping into anything. I would suggest the same, get an appraisal.

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:cool WOW i thought we could post our thoughts and things with out some one being our english teacher in school again ???

WOW i was just making a point that i thought the whole point was being missed and so i will stop postting my thoughts on your remarks as they have a bad effect and it brings out the english teacher in you >>> and you end up misssing the whole point thank you for your words


I am personally aware of your excellent credentials and knowledge in our great industry.

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real estate 001, I could have simply answered the question with, “I’d suggest that you don’t, because it is a waste of your time and the time of any potential birddogs that answer your ad.”

That would have answered the question, but provided precious little in detail. Since detail was needed, I explained. Apparently, that’s where you got lost.

You may have missed this. It was before you first post. HHDT wrote, “Raj, thanks for the comments…Your comments are well thought out and much appreciated and I will take them into consideration. Thanks for the reply.
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