Finding Bird Dogs in Oregon

i am looking for bird dogs that are located in Oregon.

I have a UK legal background and am pretty new to RE investing here in the US…

Now based in Portland, OR I am looking to develop relationships with local wholesalers.

As I’m building up my expertise in the area, all I’m interested in doing at present is assuming a bird dog role, passing along seller details to wholesalers in exchage for a split in any profits achieved.

I’m on the Washington/Oregon border. I’m in Vancouver, WA. but I’m right next to Portland. I’m a Private Investigator but I can do Bird Dog work. I have all the access to records and the ability to find them. I’ve actually been used by an Investor over in OR. I great at finding owners of pre-foreclosure property. I do skip tracing to find their current contact info.

We have been looking for someone to help us get our first deal done. If you would be willing to help, that would be great. there are properties in Portland area and in Boise, ID area we are looking at but not sure how to find someone who will bird dog for us and keep doing it over and over. :help :help :help :help :help :help :help :help