finding bird doggers in my area

I am interested in finding bird dogs in my area. Can anyone help me out with suggestions?

Walter Solomon

Where are you located?

What area are you located?

It would probably be best to go to your local REIA.

You could also post ads on craigslist/backpage in the creative gigs or real estate services section.

Set up a website where the birddogs can come and sign up and then you educate them on what you are looking for.

The ad you post on craigslist should say something to the effect that you are an investor looking for a property locator, apprentice, or birddog in…“your area” to help you locate investment properties and your willing to pay them “X” amount of dollars (typically $500 - $1,000 at closing) then tell them where to sign up.

You could also post flyers in the neighborhoods you are looking to invest in.

You could post signs…

Just do simple direct marketing and they will come…