Finding an investor friendly RE agent in Rockland/Orange County NY

I want to start scoping out potential properties to flip and figure maybe I should find an RE agent that can help me locate fixer uppers and understands the market value potential once fixed up. What is the best way to find an agent that understands the needs of investors. Would any seasoned agent for companies like Prudential Rand be the way to go or is there a better way. I would like to use a buying agent at least initially until I get familiar with the buying process and I don’t want to deal with the sellers agent. Not sure I am ready to do a deal where its just me and seller even though that seems to be the best way to go as far as gettting it at a good price. Is using a buying agent a good way to start out? Also are fixer upper townhouses a wise investments in the NYC suburbs? I have seen a few in the 230k range that could gross me maybe 30-40k. Would be happy with 10-20k net profit after comms and taxes as a first deal.

Thanks in advance,