finding an appraiser

how many investors have their own specific apprraisers that they use? or do you you usually feel safe enough to use comps given by a realtor or ones that you find on your own?


I keep my appraiser very close to me. It is always a good idea to have an appraiser you can call that will give you the market analysis on the spot. I do know some guys who depend strickly on agents for the information , but I feel better with asking the same ones the banks ask.


Just like in life, a second opinion never hurts…i always use my own appraisar, that keeps everyone honest…

You might use a realter. If there not listing the property they wouldn’t have a motive to over estimate.

Agents and banks rely on appraisers to estimate the true value of props.

Find yourself an appraiser you trust and prepay him a couple of jobs. He will be your best freind and will be willing to pull information for you on very short notice.

thanks so much everyone!