Finding Absentee owners

How do we do it

Hi kpatsmala,

By absentee I am assuming you mean vacant houses. If I am incorrect I apologize. What I do is drive through a target neighborhood and find houses of interest, usually ones that need some rehabbing. I write down the address and head for the tax appraisors office. Mine is online. There you’ll find the current owners name and address. Call info to get their number and you can also mail them a letter. My letter simply states that I am interested in buying their house. Don’t be surprised if you find that a lot of these vacant homes are under contract by other investors or are being wholesaled. I live in Nashville, TN and the market here is fairly competitive. Be prepared to do some negotiating when you find the owner. They’ll always want top dollar. Good luck.

:new to investment market. Does the program really works and if so, how have you been successful at making it into the investment world. You only here the good stuff , never the uninclosed info. Feedback is well- needed.