Finding a person to lease option too

What are some of your experiences to find a person to lease option a home to. What have been some of your methods to find these people?



Classified ads.

I posted this for a different question, but thought it fit here.

Signs Signs Signs
At the intersections, entrance to the complex, in the yard, in the windows. arrows pointing the way. you can even say “Open House” and put a lock box on the door. When they are in the driveway and call. Get their cell # and do a little prequalifying. Say you will call right back. Wait 90 sec. call back and say you just talked to the neighbor “Big Frank” and let him know that you were going to look inside the house. Give them the lock box # and stay on the phone till they are in. Have them call you back when they leave.
This will help to make sure that the box is locked.

I hope this helps

Hey Joe: I get good results in the classifieds with the “Don’t throw away $$” or “Don’t rent, but rent to buy” type ads. Set yourself apart from everyone else.

Good Luck!

Get creative, Joe. I use what I call my Pick-Your-Neighbor Program. Make an informative flyer and pass it out to the neighbors surrounding the place you want to lease option. Tell them you will pay a $100 finders fee if they know someone they would like as their neighbor. It works every time. Someone invevitably has a cousin, brother, mistress or friend they’d love to have as a neighbor. Saves time and money on advertising and has been 100% effective for me.

Thanks everybody.

I do appreciate your comments.


It’s a combination of different marketing strategies.

Classified Ads - Both online and offline
Real Estate Agents
Loan brokers, Banks
Business Cards
Word of Mouth

I suggest you start building your database of tenant/buyers. With it, you have more negotiation power because it sounds better to say to a seller “Hey Mr. Seller, I have 10 prequalified people ready to move into your home today if we can structure a rent to own deal”

To your success,

Diana Fontanez
Lease Purchase Specialist and Consultant

that pick your neighbor thing is a unique idea!

We buy lots, locate & rehab repo doublewides & sell or lease option
in this area, & one day of a classified gets piles of calls

even in the ‘low rent district’ & a low traffic area, we just put up a for sale sign while we are working on the most recent ones & have had 5 - 6 calls
also we use the net…
always put our website in the newspaper ad where there are pics
this eliminates many bs calls

Thanks, neighbor. I see you’re in Prescott, just over the hill. The Pick-Your-Neighbor Program really does work. Usually 3 or 4 neighbors will recommend tenants. Sure saves on the traditional advertising methods.

We are planning on checking out the Verde in the near future
will we be competition! ;D - probably not as we’ll mostly look for old trailers on lots & owc

you should check out Cordes lakes, Dewey & Prescott Valley…
Black Canyon City also - it will be the poor man’s Anthem (a fancy Del Web community)