Finding a good realtor for rehabs


Does anyone have advice when it comes to finding a good realtor to deal with?

What is a good way to sell them on the idea of pulling reports for you, submitting numerous low offers, taking a lower commission and such?

I am looking for the best way to approach them without looking like a novice

Any advice in this area would be appreciated.



Paul, If you are a novice you need to let them know up front. They don’t have a problem with that. Houston has 175,000 licensed real estate agents. I am sure you have at least that many in Brooklyn. Most agents have no idea if a property will make money or not. They don’t even know why a property makes money. What you want is an investment grade real estate agent. I found several at my local real estate investors club meeting. They are the ones working the cocktail hours and advertising in the handouts. This is who you need to deal with. They understand the business. They may not be able to tell you if the walls are painted mauve or purple but they can tell you where the money is.

Thank you Bluemoon06, that makes sense

Ill give it a shot


I am a realtor in NYC, just be up front and let them know what you are doing best bet is to use a realtor that is relatively new (1-3 years) they are looking for a shot and will work exclusivly most of the time. Good luck

I would never use a real estate agent that is that new right out of the box. I want a guy that has a track record. I use a guy that knows the streets like the back of his hand. The first agent I used on my first deal had been an agent for 25 years and he was fine. If you ever find an agent that does not treat you with professional respect, one that talks down to you or tries to BS you because you are new. Tell him that you feel he is doing that and don’t ever use him again. Agents are not good or bad they are people. There are some that are good guys and some that are bad guys. There are some that know how to make money in real estate and some that don’t. You only want to deal with a good guy that knows how real estate makes money. The worst thing I can see you being new and your agent being new also. This is like the blind leading the blind.

I have used new agents during my later purchases. But what I have done is found the deal and explained why what I found works. So I try to teach new agents how to do what I do. That is how I leverage my time. I want to be 20 agents looking for houses that make money for me. In order to do that they have to understand what I am looking for.