Finding a Good RE Attorney From Out of State - Seattle/Tacoma, WA

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if you all could share your advice on how to track down a good real estate attorney in a new market, when you are located in a different State? Also, what are a few good questions to ask when you first speak with them?

If anyone can recommend a good RE attorney in the Seattle/Tacoma Washington area, I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks and happy investing!

You’ll need to specify what type of work. Good ones specialize in a particular area like evictions or zoning. Generalists are generally worthless.

A good place to start looking is your local RE Association. Ask someone who does what you want to do who he uses for legal work.

Thanks. My local REIA may not be much help, as I am looking for an attorney in a completely different state than I live in. I will only be able to make these connections via phone until I travel to the area to inspect properties.

Any other suggestions?

How bout the REIA where you plan to look?

I would love to attend those as well, but monthly plane tickets are a little costly.

Don’t they have a web site where you can email the officers?

First decide what type of attorney you need and then contact your local RE association. I hope they can suggest you some better. :argue