Finding a buyer for Lease Option

I am looking for a buyer to do a lease option agreement with me on my 2 bedroom condo that I will be completing the sale on at the end of the month. Any suggestions besides the usual on-line advertising, posted ads on bulletin boards, word of mouth that I can try to find an interested buyer/renter?

No need to reinvent the wheel. The usual methods you mentioned will probably suffice. I think the key is to be sure the terms you’re asking are in line with what your local market will accept.
Asking $1,500/mo rent for a $900/mo rental won’t work, regardless of what marketing you do.

I have just completed my first Lease Option this past week. I just ran a line ad in my local paper had NO EXAGGERATION 123 calls for the property. CLEARLY SPELL OUT YOUR TERMS IN AD so you only get calls from those who are ok with them.

Hope this helps. :beer