Finding a bird dog


I have posted ads on the net seeking bird dogs. However, as of yet I have not received any replies.

What should the ad state?

I am seeking help finding single family homes in NYC to flip.


i am starting in the bird dogging situation . how much are u paying and what price range on property’s are u looking for :biggrin

You will probably go through a lot of birdogs. It is a numbers game like everything else in real estate.

The best thing to do is automate the whole process. I took a lot of calls when I put in ads and it took my time away from more important things like making offers. Set up a website or an automated email that gets sent out with instructions to the birdog candidates. It is best to answer questions via emails than to take phone calls.

Only my opinion,


The best thing to do is automate the whole process.
Try this:

There are three types of bird dogs:

  1. Random people who think this business is easy and just want to make quick cash. These people usually do not last and you won’t get much from them.

  2. New investors who are starting out and are afraid of the game. They usually last longer, but you have to provide them with the education and sometimes help them with some marketing costs. If you can educate them, be fair to them, and motivate them then they will last long.

  3. Established investors that you network with. You can exchange leads with them and pay each other referral fee. This doesn’t take much out of your time and it is based on mutual respect and understanding.

First type may response to advertising but you have to be patient while you weed out the good from the bad and they usually do not last more than a month or two unless they see some cash coming in to be worth their time.

Second type would expect to be educated, would expect you to have the knowledge to help them get started, and expects you to close on deals or they will drop you because they feel you are not real or they are wasting their time.

Third type is my personal preference. It takes time to build up and you need to network with other investors. We exchange deals all the time where a wholesaler may pass me a sub2 deal she cannot wholesale, or I may pass a wholesale deal or rental property to someone else. This required knowledge and other investors would want to know you are real and know what you are doing.

Hope this helps

Very well said!! :beer