Finders fee for a short sale

I have a birddog that has been finding properties for me for about a month. The homeowner(birddog) is having financial issues and is looking to shortsale their home. Now I have agreed to do the shortsale for the homeowner(birddog), but now he wants a finders fee.

Can I give the homeowner(birddog) a finders fee? The homeowner is telling me to give the finders fee to his LLC. The LLC’s address is his primary residence.

Can someone help on this? I told the homeowner(bird dog), I don’t think I can do that.

Maybe you could buy his refrigerator? But otherwise, I don’t think the bank can limit what your “birddog” does for a living. If you have a track record of paying a fee for leads, and the recipient just happens to give his name as a lead, then this shouldn’t be an issue. You’d pay it after the closing, right?

I heard I can buy a couch and TV.

Everything will be after closing.



It is very important that you Expand your education in this field of Pre-foreclosure.

Good Luck!!!

Use a Bill of Sale to purchase pretty much anything they have. It’s best to buy things that the value could be anything such as jewelry or baseball cards.