find the seller

Has anybody used Cameron Direct’s

I used them twice in the past month and had not so great experiences. They gave me reports that had information that is several years old and was not any good. The phone numbers were disconnected and my letters came back undeliverable. When I called them to get my money back they had told me that they generated a report and they were not refunding my money. When I asked them what I was supposed do with old infomation, they really didn’t have a answer for me. After speaking with them and somewhat frustrated I spent about an hour on the computer I found current information and called “find the seller” back and told them that I was able to find the correct info and requested my money back for a second time. They told me again that they were not refunding my money and that they were happy that I was able to find what I was looking for. Am I alone on this or has anyone else had an issue like this.

Has anyone used a different skiptrace co. that they are happy with.

I’ve used them a number of times and never had a problem. If anything, I’ve always been amazed at the information that they’ve been able produce.

Having said that, your first stop should always be Google when looking for people. I’ve found many an email address that way.

thanks for the input, I have found several different ways to find the info on alot of these homeowners but it doesn’t alway work. What should I google?