Find preforeclosures and foreclosures

How do people find preforeclosures and foreclosures?



Depending on the state, there are different sites that can provide you this information. In MA look at


I’m in Texas.

if you’re friends with a mortgage broker, they can usually get you the list. I’ve found that the info on the web is pretty much out of date or otherwise useless.

I did a google, and got a few foreclosure websites. Anyone use these?

I know in Houston, Tx if you go downtown to the city hall, I think, there are bulliten boards with the forclosures posted. They auction the properties off every first Tuesday of the month. It’s cash up front. you can talk to the people who own the properties and take the payments sometimes. You need to be carefu there are no liens on the properties. That’s the tricky part. There’s like 3 places you have to check for the liens. Start with the deed.

For preforeclosures, one word: marketing.

what about those internet sites which claim it updates its foreclosure list daily, 24/7 ? it seems that it’s not valid. Had anyone try foreclosure this route ?