Find It, Fix It, Flip it!


Has anyone in the forum read Find it, Fix it, FLIP IT! by Michael Corbett?
I am reading in and find that it has a lot of great information from starting a flip to finishing a flip. I’ve read reviews on other sites but wanted to see what the members and guests in the REI forum thought about it. Any comments welcome, thanks a lot!

I liked it, I read it because I found it on my local library. However, I recommend you read
‘Flip’, by Gary Keller, and if you really want to get into rehabbing start with, their ‘Think Like a Millionaire’ book.


Thanks acego2 for the input. I appreciate your time and I will look into those other books that you suggested. Is the “Think Like a Millionaire” book written by Gary Keller also? Thanks for your time!

“Flip” is an excellent book. It’s actually written by Rick Villani and Clay Davis but it is part of Gary Keller’s “Millionaire” series and he has a forward in the book. I’ve never heard of Keller’s “Think Like a Millionaire” but I do know that he has another book called “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor.” That one is also a must read in my opinion.


“Flip” is much better of a book IMHO.
I actually just got Corbett book out of the library last month. It has some good info in it - but “Flip” is really more detailed with an outlined plan to use.

Boyd (MA), thanks for the corrections! Yes, it is called “The Millionaire Real Estate Investor”

MAinvesting, and again correction, is written by Rick Villani and Clay Davis.

Sorry, I was writing thinking from the top of my head, and instead gave misleading information.