Find houses for rehab

Does anyone know how to find houses for rehabbing. I living in a area that does not have any house to rehab but there are some. I need to know when I have a sure thing.

Second, how do I know exactly what it will cost me to do a deal. For example, buying a house for 40000 and the ARV is 85000. The repair is 15000 to 20000 would this be a good deal with a hard money lender involved.

Your question is very vague. Sounds to me like you need to do a LOT of reading before you make your move. What’s your exit strategy on these rehabs?

Plenty of posts on this site about finding rehabs, funding rehabs, rehabbing rehabs, HMLs, all of the above, just do some reading.


from my research you need to go by the “70%” rule. hard money lenders will only lend you up to 65-70% of the ARV so in your case

ARV $85,000
x .70
$59,900 amount hard money lender will lend

its cutting it close with $40,000 purchase price and $20,000 repair that’s $60,000. I think if you get the funding you could make a possible profit of $25,000 by the figures shown.

where are you located at? how far are you from the areas where most blue collar folks like to live?

I found by using craigslist,backpages, and fsbo you can sometimes find rehabs their.