I have my own home plus a 2 family investment property that i bought 10 years ago. I would really like to purchase another 2-4 family as an investment but many banks ive talked to are requiring at least 30% down ( I am in Mass.) Financing seems very difficult to obtain now. Any suggestions on how i can continue to finance an investment property? I dont have much equity in primary residence or 2 family (markets here are down).

Find someone that will owner-finance and then refi out. gets you around the ridiculous DP requirements.

Use private money to fund the deal or the down payment.

If you can find a good deal at the right price you should be able to do your deal using a hard money lender. Sellers today are under a lot of pressure from many different angles. What you need to do is scour your market for a deal that lends itself to a hard money scenario. That should work out just fine.

Owner-occupy your new 2-4 unit. See if you can use the free government downpayment money (stimulus money) soon to be available for move-up buyers. It’s always easier to buy a residence than an investment.