financing under 70 LTV

I have a house that should come under 70 LTV after apprasial.

My question is will the bank finance it at 100 percent without PMI?

What should be considered a good or average rate with a 710 mid score?

Do most banks use their own apprasier or should I order one for them?

Your lender will order the appraisal. If you are getting the property at 70% of value you should have no problem getting 100% financing. Are you looking for full doc or stated?

how much above 70% would I be expected to get before I have no problems with 100% financing?? And I wonder what would be a good interest rate??

Depending on your credit rating you should be able to get 100% with no problems. PMI is usually required above 80% ltv. Interest rate is usually dependent upon credit rating and the loan program. WIll you be going full documentation with 2years w2 , and 12 months bank statements? or will you go with a ststed income program.

If youre going full doc with at least a 620 credit rating you should be close to prime rate on a 30 year fixed (about 6.25%)

If you want to go with an interest only then you have a lot of options ranging from 1.25% on the MTA option ARm…or6.5% on a more traditional interest only program.

With stated progarms the rate will be about 1% higher than the full doc programs but the credit requirements may be a bit higher.