Financing Terms

I am a pilot for an individual who does Commercial RE. I have been wanting to tap into the Mobile Home Park side of it for some time now. I’ve been talking with my boss about it. He found a park that he’s interested in. He told me that if he wanted to be partners, he would provide the cash, and I would do management or whatever. He told me to think about it and let him know what ‘terms’ I want. I’m not sure exactly what normally happens in this process. If anybody can give me some ideas or explain further, it would be greatly appreciated.


Get experience. Talk to an existing mobile home park owner. Then decide.

property management rates often hang around 10% of rents, depending on your area. check with local prop mgmt companies about their rates and determine if you can live with it.

Hi I don’t know nothing or a little about mobile homes. “property management rates often hang around 10% of rents” My point is that, suppose it’s 10% then is it good or bad? Thanks in advance.