Financing Suggestions

I’m in the atlanta area and due to credit I dont believe i’ll be able to get a hard money loan. I have a great deal that I’m looking at but may have to let it go due to lack of financing. it’s a sfr asking $50,000. needs about $30,000 in repairs(estimate is on the higher side). ARV is $150,000 which puts ltv with asking price and repairs at 53%. Any financing suggestions in this area?

You could get it under contract and wholesale it to an investor.

Thanks Christopher.

I thought about that also but it’s listed with a realtor and they usually dont cooperate with wholesale deals since it cuts into their profit a little. Thank you for the suggestion. I may still try that. All they can say is “no”

I’m aware of rehab loans in GA that aren’t FICO based based upon a SISA application—I’ll send you a PM to continue this discussion.


Scott Miller

Tell me more about the non fico based loans.

Thank you EZloans. I sent you an email with a little more detail.