Financing Needed

Hello there everyone. I am looking to refiance with cash-out an owner occupied property I just closed on as a land contract refianced last week when the baloon payment was due. The terms are bad in my opinion, 2/28 8.50% 90%LTV. It took four months to get this land contract refianced and I do not want to go through that again especially since one of the lenders was from this website. The new mortgage is $126,000 and the appraised value in December was $140,000. I am looking for 100% OO. It is a side by side duplex located in Illinois. My middle score is a 647 or more I believe. My last bankruptcy was filed in 4/03 and discharged. At the same time a foreclosure was filed on a property and I included that in bankruptcy. The foreclosure is not on my credit reports. I need to go stated income and am self-employed. Can anyone help? I also am a real estate investor and am lookign to purchase more properties as rentals and flipping. I have one other property that is a 4 unit in Illinois that I am looking to refi also purchased 3/05. Thanks,

Do you want to refi your current mortgage and get cash out or do you just want a stand alone second (cash out)? Either way it’s no problem.

Hi there. I would like to refi and get cash out with 100%. My rate is 8.50% now and need it lower. I know my previous broker was given a rate of 7.35% but was greedy. Let me know.

You can go to my website to see current rates as well as submit your details. I can get back with you tommarow to let you know what is available.