financing mobile homes

Can someone tell how old of a mobile home will lenders finance?

It depends. There are lenders who have no year restriction. However, unit must be on it’s own land, no parks!

if you don’t mind sharing, who are some of these lenders?
do they do it a s land only loans?

all our experience has been it has to be June 1976 or newer (no pre-HUD)… be nice to be able to get loans on some old junk that we can replace instead of having to pay cash

NPB Mortgage, LLC will work with brokers on single wides and double wides “on land, any year”

I’m going to ask a stupid question…
when you say ‘brokers’ do you mean if I go to a local lender/mortgage broker, & they say no old mobiles, I could say go to NPB Mortgage, LLC ? & how would they contact NPB Mortgage, LLC ?

My friend is an RE agent who does many mobiles & manfac. homes… would love to hook her up too.

if you prefer to answer by email, that is fine too.

I emailed you the information. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. 8)

You have some lender (very few) that will lend on older models

What year do you have?