financing in texas

I’m still new to the game and I’m looking for some advice. I live in Orlando and I found a couple of deals in Texas. I’ve been contacting a few hardmoney lenders and they all seem to be very interested in my credit score. I was under the impression that hml don’t really look at credit. My credit is terrible. Can anyone point me in the right direction because these appear to be excellent deals and I feel like I’m running out of time.

Just because its hard money doesn’t mean its dumb money, hard money lenders are always going to look at your credit in most cases especially if its a rehab loan. Yes the potential of the property itself is more important but lenders can get a hint of you’re ability to debt service the loan and payoff there loan down the line by looking at your credit.


Would you consider bringing on a partner? 50% is better than 0%. I bet if you put together a decent business plan you could find an investor who would be willing to sign on the dotted line for you.

There are several HML that can do this property in TX. They are not concerned with the score. They will pull credit but are mainly looking to make sure there are no federal tax liens.

70% ARV
cost, payments, fix, and purchase all built in.

Feel free to contact me offline if you’d like more info. I can get things rolling for you.