Financing Help !!

In 2003, my brother did a 3 year lease option to purchase for a SFR home for $400,000. Now, that home is appraised for $510,000. My brother and his wife have one year of bankruptcy discharge. Both their credit score is 580. My brother wife has been a teacher for 1year 8 months, and my brother worked as a truck driver for 2 months now. My brother got laid off from the tech field and couldn’t find a job til now. Both of their gross income is $7000 a month. My question is:

Is there any loan program that they can qualify for that doesn’t require at least 2 years of employment?

Can they use their $110,000 equity as down payment?

Since they have 2 years of interest in the property already, wouldn’t lenders consider that as a plus???

Thanks, for your help.

Yes, As long as it is owner occupied which I am guessing is the case in this being a lease option.

Yes they can use the equity, The loan progams are called a Lease purchase refinance and they just have to show what they put down on the option and 12 months on time and current payments and they have a loanas long as they both ahve maintained at least a 580 MID score.

How did this situation work out for your brother?