Financing for the Hurricane Damaged Property!!

Okay, here is the deal, I have a Hurricane damaged property, that is a full gut. Let me state the facts:

Totally damaged
Current Value is modestly 40K
ARV 120K
Needs about 80-90K worth of repairs
I own the property FREE and CLEAR

Now for my loan needs:
Credit/Verifiable income not a determining factor
Quick turn around
Investor loan (NOT owner occupied)
Allows for some cash upfront (not a deal breaker), followed by draws in arrears

Now can anyone lead me into the direction of a lender, who can work with what I want and what I have?


Gosh, unless the home is historic or absolutely enormous, for that kind of repair cost and potential value, I’d bulldoze it down and build a brand new house. It would sure be easier.

Yeah I actually decided that today, it was making my head hurt too much I’m going to tear it down, and replace it with a modular. Does anyone have any sources for that type of financing.