financing for rehabs

What kind of lenders are there for rehabs? Read in a book that there are private mortgage brokers that handle stuff like that, but there isn’t anything under private mortgage brokers in the yellow pages

Well PRIVATE is just that PRIVATE, this means you need to find them. There is an entire art form to findind private lenders.

You might be talking about Hard Money Lenders that will fund rehabs. You can find some on this site in the proper lender section.


I am well equipped to do rehab loans anywhere. In addition, I beat quotes from private dealers and get them funded in many cases in under a week, pending your qualifications, of course. Good luck and God Bless!

Are you looking for a rehab loan or hard money?

i have banks that can do rehab financing. They will lend you about 80% of the finished value of the property. You just need some extra documents and contractor costs also. If you are rehabbing yourself there are ways to do it without contractor costs also. these are things you can look for much better than hard money

Honestly I don’t know what I’m looking for. I have never done a deal before, just read a couple books. I’m just trying to find out exactly how do go about doing certain things.