Financing for apartments

In the current credit crunch environment are banks/lenders still lending for appartments or is it hard to get financing?

Are they lending more on the merits/cash flows of the deal or 70% or 80% loan to value?

It’s hard for any bank to pass up an 80% loan on a commercial deal. I’m not having any problems getting financing, but it’s different from market to market and lender to lender.

I am a Commercial Real Estate Financing broker. I am a big fan of apartment.

Keep looking. You can find some great deals out there.


Will any lenders go higher than 80% loan to value on apartments?

I am talking about apartments with more than 4 units.

If you look around on this forum at some of the recent topics people say that 90-95% is available. You will have to go the secondary market route and that money won’t be cheap.

Do you have a deal/scenario or are you just asking the question in general?

Try Inland Bank they are in Orlando I think they offer 100% financing.
good luck keep us posted