financing for a motel

All you investing gurus, I need some advice. Is there creative financing that works best for motels? I have come across one that was actually my first place of employment and very interested in purchasing it. I know what kind of cash flow it creates, but do not have the credit to purchase it conventionally. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I enjoy all that you guys post on here!! Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Cash flow and how much of a deal you are getting on the purchase will dictate some of your options. If you want to buy it strictly based on value of the motel with no personal requirements, a true hard money lender will go about 70% of the appraised value. The loan will cost you more so you have to make sure you have good cash flow. If you cannot get conventional financing your other course of action would be pursuing partners and selling them on your business plan. Those are two options, hope this helps.