Financing after Bankruptcy

Does anybody know of any lenders that will lend a mortgage at 100% for a primary residence to a person that is less than a year discharged from Chapter 7? I have a steady income that can be verified. Thanks.

It is very possible provided that you meet certain requirements such as scores?, re-establiished credit or re-affirmed credit. the property type? and when the BK was started and Discharged.


If your credit needs repair, there is a non-profit corp who can assist you with repair. They are for real and the results are real. I have referred a several people to them and all have been pleased. One guy even had some tax liens and a Bankruptcy removed. You can email them with your questions/interest at .

I believe that the banks require the discharge to be atleast 2yrs old (and one day) and an average credit score of at least 620 to get 100%.